We have created a Teacher Learning Community where we share our views, experience and teaching techniques once a month. We have divided all the teachers of three schools in 11 groups. The aim of this programme is to create a congenial working environment among the colleagues as well as to ensure a same standard of teaching and learning approach in the whole school.

There will be nine TLC workshops initially and the learning intentions are as follows:

  • Share successes and failures, and support each other
  • Establish effective ways of working collaboratively
  • Understand how to incorporate learning intention into lessons and why this is important
  • Improve classroom questioning and discussion
  • Involve all students in lessons
  • Mark less whilst giving students more responsibility
  • Keep records of students’ progress that help teaching and learning
  • Activate students as instructional resources for one another
  • Use hinge-point questions to find out what students know at some point in a lesson
  • Make some formative use of summative tests
  • Activate students as owners of their own learning
  • Review our work together as a TLC group this year and how it has helped student learning.