Presidency Physics Club (pPC) is a forum for students who endeavor to understand the physics knowledge from the core and link them on their personal and social life. Such an encompassing discipline is Physics that any topic can be investigated, regardless whether they fall within the curricula or stem from real life problems. Open to the entire Presidency community, pPC extends the invitation to any knowledge seekers to explore the wonders and joy of Physics.

The club’s purpose is to enhance its members’ understanding of the fundamental laws of nature, with particular focus on up-to-date physics topics like theory of relativity, quantum mechanics, particle Physics, and cosmology. Sessions are diverse, some are centred on contemporary Physics discourses, while others may involve hands-on activities, interesting problems analysis, Physics with fun and physics competitions. All sessions are interactive, with lots of enthusiasm and fun, so that the learners are never left bored, but enjoy each session!

Moreover, it organises events and provides service opportunities in order to perform community outreach and work on interesting projects! Beyond the task of promoting Physics, Presidency has been organising Physics Olympiad in the Divisional round since its inception and in 2018, it organised National Physics Olympiad too.

We aspire, our students will reap excellent achievement to national and international level in the Physics Olympiad competitions. This achievement will open a great deal of opportunities to place them in globally reputed academia to enable them as globally competent future leaders!