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Pondering the global sustainability issues at a local level

Utilizing the campus as a testbed, we aim to transform Presidency into a model campus that educate campus community for responding to the challenges of our changing environment. We work to building the campus community’s resilience on sustainability issues through gathering knowledge, individual action, practising the best, and working together for combating the challenges at the campus first and to contribute accordingly to the society s/he belongs to.

We consider the sense of sustainability will flourish as follow:

You and Campus

We are focused on making change in the Presidency campus towards sustainability, but the change starts with you. We can work together to learn and generate new, workable and effective ideas.


We recognize the deep interconnectivity between our campus and the city that surround us. So, we think for the better approach to common challenges with Chittagong city and beyond.


Through our activities, we aim to prepare a resilient generation who will act on and lead for the sustainability at the regional and global realm.

Our Sustainable Presidency Activities

  • Ensuring green campus/Go Green
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low water consumption
  • Re-use/Sustainable use practices
  • Keep your environment clean
  • Sustainable waste management/Zero waste