Science Fair, 2023
“There is no alternative to the scientific endeavour to ensure our expected national progress”, distinguished professor, eminent researcher and writer Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad opined while inaugurating the Science Fair-2023 organised by Presidency International School.
A two-day long Science Fair has been organised to enlighten the young learners of Presidency based on the latest discoveries of science and technology as well as to facilitate the exhibition of their innovative ideas and projects in the school premises in which students of Classes II to XII participated with their experimental scientific projects and exciting presentations. Presided over by the Rector, Presidency Education, Dr. Imam Hasan Reza, the Science Fair was graced by the famous researcher and writer Professor Dr. Mohammad Kaykobad as the chief guest.
Immediately after the inauguration, the premises of Presidency buzzed with visitors, parents and inquisitive young learners who visited the plethora of projects with great enthusiasm and inquired about the details to satisfy their curiosities.