In her journey of 50 years, Bangladesh has made massive strides, going from a war-torn underdeveloped country to a developing one with young minds ready to change our technological landscape, as aptly displayed by the ‘Digital Bangladesh’ initiative. Technology, combining logical analysis, science, and creativity in one facile format, has become a powerful medium for real change in today’s world. In the spirit of spreading technological creativity, we are proud to unveil PIHACKS’21, the first-ever high-school hackfest in Bangladesh. This fest will be an amalgamation of fun and learning where spectacular ideas are displayed, and you learn and feel inspired to dive deeper into the impactful field of computer science. We will gather programmers, software developers, designers, and computer enthusiasts from across the nation and witness the best brains battle it out to win attractive rewards. In light of the ongoing pandemic, we have decided to keep the event completely virtual. As a result, we can assure a fruitful event without compromising the safety of our participants. Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, participation is completely free. Besides, we will be sending over goodies to all the participants joining this endeavor! This will be a week-long event and will unfold through a fine selection of illuminating programs. For more information please visit: PIHACKS website facebook instagram