Virtual Year Ending and Results Giving Ceremony 2021 of Junior School was held on 9 July through Zoom Webinar. The presence of the students, guardians and the teachers, distinguished guests, members of management made the event successful. The programme was hosted by Mr Firoz Ahmed, Vice Principal, Junior School Junior School with School Head, Mrs Salma Akter alongside. The event was presided over by honourable Principal Lt Col. Ziauddin Ahmed (Biruttam) . Dr Khaled Misbahuzzaman, Professor of Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology, CU, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest with his virtual presence. He imparted many valuable advices for our young learners, teachers and parents. The Chief Guest said, “We attain a lot of things but we fail to retain. I would like to request the guardians to invest more time on their children even though they are attending a good school. Please check what have they learnt and how they have learnt. That is the way they can retain. This way, the guardians can suggest and discuss their points with the teachers. This is how a successful learning system works.”Our honourable guardians Ms OpeliaChy and Mr MdAbul Mansur expressed their utmost gratification towards the teachers for their cordial effort in this new teaching system. The Vice Principal of Middle School, Mr Jashim Uddin honoured the juncture of Class-II with his gracious participation and welcomed the students with his warm and wise words. The result was published in the school’s student portal after this virtual event.